22 November 2010

Celebration Weekend.

The weekend just passed, I went to lovely Devon. Very nice to be back down there and made me realise how much I miss it. We celebrated my gorgeous friend's equally gorgeous daughters Christening and had a good catch up.

May I recommend this young sir I just came across, Bryan John Appleby - amazing!

16 November 2010

Jack Frost.

Everything is covered in frost! What a wonderful excuse to treat yourself to a nice, new warm coat! I created these two illustrations for Em at Make Lemonade for a feature she has written on coats, interview with Amy Bannerman for Cellardoor magazine. I'll let you know when the feature is up! To quote Absolutely Fabulous Patsy,

'You can never have enough hats, gloves or shoes.'
- today, so true.

12 November 2010

One month to go...

I like to wait until December to start getting excited about Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I am already but keeping it locked up tight until December 1st so as not to wear it out. However, I was asked to design a Christmas e-card for Mental Health Research UK and here it is. I'll just pretend this is posted in December...

10 November 2010

Wellcome Collection.

The Wellcome Collection is on Euston Road in London, for the curiously curious. Fascinating stuff to do with medics and history of medics, love it. Even did a little doodle based on sleep, pills and bottles.

09 November 2010

About town.

My weekend off, I explored Marylebone and around Oxford Street. There is so much to do and see, my aim - when I am not selling cake - is to go on a little adventure to a new gallery/area/place/ park or whatever with my camera. Being surrounded by lots of inspiration it seems insane not to take advantage of it!

04 November 2010

Future Fashion.

Hello! Here's what I did for Em's blog. having been to see the exhibition at the Barbican.