28 April 2010


I promise some illustration soon, but I had to share this with you as they tasted oh so good, here is the recipe.

26 April 2010

Pulling Shapes.

It's been rather a long time since an inky post, but today sparked a new beginning. Here's to the paintbrush!

25 April 2010

Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time is a new venture created by myself and the lovely Georgina Lomas, selling handmade jewellery. Here are a few from the first event we've taken part in called Bangers and Fash. Blog to be up and running soon!

19 April 2010

♥ Type 3.

My obsession with type will never cease. I went for another little trip to London on Thursday with my friend Simon and we found a shop selling lots of letters in black, white and red. This looks nice on my wall.

♥ Type 2.

Here is the second book I made using 'Derive' as the content.

♥ Type.

One college project long ago I was given the word 'Derive', 2 days and a whole heap of different fonts to play with creating text sheets and the final outcome, books, a cunning way of combining how to bind books with how to layout the content. It was my favourite project.

11 April 2010

Creative block.

Ah the first signs of summer and all I want to do is lie in the sun all day, the top quote from Slyvia Plath is thanks to my lovely friend Clare, I saw the quote on one of her artworks and I felt the need to type it out and stick it on my wall where I can see it everyday, the shoddy scribblings next to it is my to do list for this month, lots to look forward to. Below are a few of the birdcage necklaces I am making to sell at two events at the end of the month, there is more on the way.

10 April 2010

London Trip.

Mother and I went on a day trip to London yesterday to see the Sketchbook shop in Carnaby and did a lot of walking as it was such a lovely day. Now to enjoy the good weather of today!

03 April 2010


Pictures from the Sketchbook pop-up shop in Carnaby - photographs from the Sketchbook blog. From the 27th - 29th March a bunch of us were painting, stenciling and drawing on walls. Donya, Lala and myself had the 'Garden room' - lots of green and bushes going from daytime to nighttime over the four walls. It was lots of fun and hope to do it again. Full schedule of events for the shop can be found here.

02 April 2010

The Egg.

A week late but I have been away helping with the Sketchbook Pop-up shop - which is lush. As promised here is what I was working on last week, the lining for a coffin, in the shape of an egg. I sat and stared it for a long, long time. Luckily mother came up with a good idea which worked - and she is damn good on a sewing machine.