23 March 2010

Long time no speak.

It's all been a bit busy recently hense lack of blogging activity. Not long until the Sketchbook pop-up exhibition, very exciting, Donya, Lala and myself are painting one of the basement rooms with 'garden' as the theme, lots of trees, flowers, 3d bushes, birds nests and treasures.

I have one other project to show you at the end of this week...

03 March 2010

Sketchbook at Carnaby.

Final images for Pop-up exhibition by Sketchbook in Carnaby at the end of March, so excited!


Outcome of a solid day of drawing. Do not drink lots of coffee while attempting to do such a task as it takes far longer to complete. Continually rubbing out what I've just drawn as my arm decided to have a rave of its own.